Malaysia International Conference on Foreign Languages

at Malacca - World Heritage City

  The conference will be held on July 3-4, 2013          Today is 

Scope of Discussion

Papers are invited for the discussion of the main theme: “Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes: Communication for Development”.

Sub Theme:     

Language for Specific Purposes (LSP)
Foreign Language for Specific Purposes (FLSP)
Foreign Language in Communication
Methodology of Teaching Foreign Languages
Modern Approaches to LSP Teaching with The Emphasis on Competences
Intercultural Dimension of Teaching And Learning LSP
Modern Methods/Approaches Used in Teaching LSP
Developing Language Skills in LSP
Impact of ICT on Teaching/Learning LSP
Multilingualism and LSP

Foreign language for tourism
Foreign language for business
Foreign language for hospitality
Foreign language for science and technology
Foreign language in ICT
Foreign language in legal practice
Foreign language for special needs
Foreign language for children
Foreign language for international relations
Melaka and issues on foreign languages

Papers on the other related theme on foreign languages will also be included.



Schedule overview

Malacca, Malaysia