Malaysia International Conference on Foreign Languages

at Malacca - World Heritage City

  The conference will be held on July 3-4, 2013          Today is 



Conference Theme:
Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes: Communication for Development

The world has acknowledged the importance of knowledge based economy (K-economy) which fuels the development of the world. Knowledge, the life wire of any development effort, is acquired through information, and information comes through communication, which is powered by language.

The plurality of official languages and languages of instruction worldwide undoubtedly constitutes a barrier to effective development processes. Therefore, it is not preposterous to say that language and communication play a paramount role in the quest for development.

Furthermore, globalization of the world economy requires professionals and specialists in various areas to communicate effectively in foreign languages. The success is conditional on their ability to manage language and cultural barriers, especially on the language skills and competencies with respect to their professional areas.

Thus, the importance of mastering professional foreign languages has become one of the crucial competencies for most professions and presents an important competitive advantage for professionals from all walks of life. This conference is exploring the concept of Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes (FLSP), as a paradigm for the development, be it human, social, political, diplomatic, technological or any other form of development.

The Malaysia International Conference on Foreign Languages (MICFL) which was initiated by the Foreign Language Department has been organized successfully, twice, in 2007 and 2010. Both events received overwhelming participation from local and foreign academicians and researchers.


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Malacca, Malaysia